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Just as Landscape Industry Certified is the mark of excellence for individuals in the industry, the new Landscape Industry Accredited Company designation is the mark of excellence at the company level. When you are recognized as a Landscape Industry Accredited Company, you differentiate yourself from the competition and your employees all share in that mark of professionalism. Accreditations and certifications help in the bidding process, help attract top employees, and helps clients understand that your team is well educated and trained on the latest best practices. Review the program details today and get started on the path to becoming a Landscape Industry Accredited Company.

Landscape Industry Accredited Companies Are

  • Knowledgeable - Employing well-trained, Landscape Industry Certified employees
  • Safe - Participates in the NALP Safe Company program or the SHARP safety program
  • Ethical – Provides clear client communications and ethical operating procedures
  • In Compliance - Complies with state, local, and federal codes, statutes, and licensing and insurance requirements

Program Details

If you have any questions regarding the program, please contact Margo Rash.Landscape Industry Acredited Company